I never saw anything like this before… it’s so beautiful, helpful, and easy!
Now, people can always have a learning companion with them!”

This is what Sarah exclaimed upon seeing the NEW Mastery Bundle inside the NEW Platform Ecosystem for Candle Makers that you’ll discover very soon…


I know you’re eager for our Black Friday deal…

but let’s take a step back to understand how we ended up to craft this HUUUUGE OFFER for our VIP List.


(if you are far-sighted you’re gonna understand why it’s gonna be a mistake not joining it)


Over the past few months, I’ve been flooded with messages of people sharing  their struggles and aspirations in candle making

We listened their challenges and their dreams and..

Among these, Sarah’s story emerged as a beacon
highlighting a universal desire:


  • To learn candle-making easily
  • Find a supportive community
  • And connect with fellow enthusiasts to share together this journey.


Sarah faced challenges you might be facing too…


I know you can feel the pain of:


Choosing the right materials, selecting the perfect wicks, creating consistent scents, using molds correctly, producing large batches of candles, tunneling and frosting, etc…


Sarah’s dream, as many of you, was to launch her own business.


But that day seemed far off.




She discovered our Candle Mastery Bundle, and suddenly, things began to change…


With each module she studied and applied, her candles improved steadily.




I knew that Sarah, like many of you, needed something more.


We spent months envisioning a candle making learning experience unlike any other…


A place where learning is easy.
And where tools assist you throughout the making process.


And yes, we achieved it. <3 


Together with Sarah, we realized the true importance of learning.


Just after two weeks of diving into the new platform,


Sarah now sells out every new batch of candles she makes in less than a week (markets & online)


She has gained clarity and is happier than ever.


But I’ve kept one secret to myself, unknown to Sarah…


(I’m sure she’s pretty surprised right now)




(in addition to The Creamiest Bundle ever created ready to be launched)


You and Sarah can be a part of this magic…


we can build it together.


There’s an opportunity for you to join us.


You’ll discover everything very very soon.


Are you exctided? tell us on Messenger! <3


Alicia – Candle Mastery

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